What did you do with leftover ham?

What did you do with leftover ham?

The Queens of Budget Meals: Frittatas and Quiches

Post-holiday meals can be daunting. The mountains of roast and hampiles on one's kitchen counter could rival Mount Everest, often leaving one in perplexity about what to do with all the leftover ham. Lessen your worries folks; today, I have four words for you - Frittatas. And Quiches. Frittatas and Quiches, my dear friends, are kings in the realm of budget meals and rulers of leftovers reinvention.

The versatility of these dishes allows you to throw in any edible leftovers and whip up an entirely new, delicious meal. The two, although quite similar, are worlds apart in texture and flavors. Frittatas are like the Italian cousins of omelets, roughly mixed and cooked on a stove and then broiled. Quiches, on the other hand, are the French version, wherein they are slowly cooked in a rich, creamy pie crust. I have shared both recipes on the blog with a full-fledged step-by-step guide!

The Pasta Rescue Act

If frittatas and quiches are not your jam or eggs are not your game, then no worries, there’s always Pasta! Let me assure you, mixing leftover ham in a creamy pasta sauce is another level of culinary adventure. Chop it finely and simmer it in your favorite pasta sauce. Toss it with some pasta, sprinkle Parmesan, and voila, you have a brand-new dinner ready. Trust me, Sherlock, my beagle, always tries to snatch a piece of this delicious pasta every time I make it.

Bites of Heaven: Croquettes

If you're looking forward to adding a new member to your snack family, ham croquettes are the answer. These little crispy balls of joy will make you fall in love with them. The combination of soft, flavorful filling with the beautifully imperfectly round, golden-brown exterior is just irresistible. The fun part is their adaptability; be it veggies, cheese, or leftover ham, they are ready to encase anything delicious.

Ham and Cheese Waffles is the way!

Now, let’s dive a bit into the breakfast realm, shall we? And this one is close to my heart because it involves my favorite kitchen go-to: the waffle iron. Ham and Cheese Waffles are one of those dishes that taste so good it makes you pause just to appreciate the flavors. Just sprinkle some ham and cheese in your waffle batter and enjoy this morning delight. Oliver the Persian definitely tries to nab a bite before disappearing again as mysteriously as he appeared!

Bringing out the Big Guns: Ham Bone Soup

This one right here is the big gun, my friends. When you look at a ham bone, you probably see something that's outlived its usefulness. On the contrary, what you should see is the beginning of a delicious, hearty ham bone soup. It’s simple; incorporate veggies available at home, throw in the ham bone, let it simmer and let the magic unfold. Don't throw away the bone after carving your ham; it's a ticket to another flavorful journey.

Ham Salad, anyone?

If you're a salad person like me, you'll absolutely love this one; a classic Ham Salad. It's a simple combination of finely chopped ham, your favorite veggies, mayonnaise and seasonings. It's the perfect balance of creaminess and crispiness. And the best part is, it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare this salad. You can have it with crackers or stuff it in a sandwich; whatever floats your boat.

Asian Flavour: Fried Rice

Last but most certainly not least, let's bring a little Asian flavor to the table. A simple, easy dish that can be made with a few ingredients- Fried Rice. No, you don’t need a wok or any special tool. Extremely accommodating, you can add a variety of vegetables along with your leftover ham, and each ingredient adds a unique texture and flavor, resulting in a bowl of pure delight.

Goodbye, leftover ham!

They say wasted food is a sin. Then, wasting ham should be a cardinal sin! With these recipes, you can now put every slice, every bit, and even the bone of leftover ham to good use. Moreover, it’s not just about not wasting; it’s about exploring new flavors, new dishes. It’s about creating a completely different meal out of leftovers. And it’s about enjoying food, which, if you ask me, is life’s greatest joy. So cheers to delicious meals and no waste!